Momak was born and raised by a family of criminals. The deadliest type of criminals. Changelings. He had a healthy childhood of swindling, pickpocketing and conning just to stay alive.

When he reached the age of a man, he attempted to steal from a human man who worked for the crown. The man was one of the few to ever see through his shapeshifting disguise, and his cover was blown. The man gave Momak an ultimatum – work as an agent of the crown, or be sentenced to the Hellsgate prison. Respectfully declining a life of pain and misery, Momak began his life anew as a spy for the crown. His natural skills were put to sharp use as a spy, and he spent many years travelling, infiltrating and gathering intelligence from the other nations of the land.

As years went by, and Momak had earned good coin – but the crown began to use him not just a gatherer of intelligence, but a forced him to conduct assassinations. Momak obeyed his orders at first, but could no longer take the trauma of being a blade for hire while the crowns hands remained clean. Momak took his earnings and deserted the crown – leaving his old life behind.

After several years, the crown put a bounty on Momak’s head and he was eventually found. He was sentenced to Hellsgate prison – a facility famous for containing the most amount of sentient waste per square mile. While inside, Momak befriended an old elf named Farvendier; a monk from a faraway land. Farvendier took Momak under his wing and trained him in the basics of hand to hand combat and the way of the monk. He awarded Momak with the customary mark of the novice by way of a small tattoo on his wrist.

On the worst day of Momak’s time in Hellgate prison, Farvendier was cornered by a group of rabid goblins. Despite his combat skills and prowess, Farvendier was outnumbered and killed by the goblins. Momak shared his final moments and watched him die.
Winning the allegiance of some other inmates, Momak and a small band of criminals hatched a plan to escape. The plan involved taking the form of a prison guard, stealing prison clothes and creating the largest riot the prison had ever seen. It worked – and Momak fled the prison, fleeing across the land to the temple of Monks where Farvendier had once lived.

Momak found the temple and begged to be trained as monk. Upon telling him he was not worthy, he took Farvendiers form and showed them the tattoo. He showed them what Farvendier had taught him, and reluctantly, they agreed to train him.

Momak spent the next 10 years of his life as a Monk, learning and training. But one day he grew tired of not seeing the world outside the temple – so he left in the middle of the night and never looked back. He slowly wanders across the land back towards the city in which he was raised. He is still wanted by the crown, and will one day rid the city of crowns corruption. He chooses to travel and acquire coin – looking for the loot that will make him rich, so he may return to the city and free those who live in poverty and turn to crime just as he did.


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